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Tool: Co-constructing learning materials

Co-constructing learning materials is a great way to motivate students. Everyone loves to see their ideas in print, especially if they will be posted in the classroom. Students are also much more likely to use these posters later as a resource if they have helped create them. Use the following questions to help plan your co-constructed learning materials:

Co-constructing learning materials




Does your classroom have a balance of materials created by you, created with the class and purchased commercially?




Do you allow students to assist with creating learning materials during class lessons?




Do you encourage all students to contribute ideas to the learning materials?




Do you create situations where everyone must contribute to the materials?




Do you participate as a member of the class and contribute in the same way as your students?




Are the co-constructed learning materials posted for students to see and use in the future?




Have you modeled using the co-constructed learning materials as a resource?




Do the students have continued access to the older materials that have been removed from the walls or bulletin boards?




Have you reproduced the co-constructed materials for students to take home as a discussion starter for families?