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Elementary Science

Contributors: Margaret Holtschlag, Haslett Public Schools, Kristin Gunckel, Michigan State University, and Amy Parks, Michigan State University

Resources: Description:
Connecting your students to the world of science This chart identifies many of the premier ways that students can use the Internet to learn about science, connect with scientists and make a contribution to the work of science.
Debriefing activities for science discussions This resource describes six different strategies that can be used to help elementary students debrief after a science lesson.
Gathering freebies for teaching science This resource gives tips for acquiring miscellaneous free materials to support your science program.
Inviting parent participation in elementary science This resource presents suggestions for engaging parents in the science learning process.
Planning an elementary science unit This resource presents several suggestions for planning an effective science unit.
Using art in elementary science This resource presents many effective ways to engage your students in artistic endeavors as part of their science work, thereby accessing one more of their multiple intelligences.