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Connecting your students to the world of science

Students learn in profound ways when we connect the classroom science lessons with the real world. Listed below are opportunities for your students to involve themselves in the larger world of science, through activities such as corresponding with scientists and joining schools all over the world to make a contribution to the work at NASA.

Name of program

Connect information


Clouds and Earth’s Radiant Energy System Students’ Cloud Observations On-Line (CERES S’COOL)


Email CERES S’COOL Project

CERES is a hands-on project with over 1,865 participating schools throughout the world. Students send basic weather observations to NASA scientists. Contact the project to register your class and request materials.

GLOBE Program


GLOBE Program offers opportunities for teachers and students to collaborate with scientists and other GLOBE students throughout the world.

NASA Kids Club


NASA Kids Club offers interesting opportunities for students to learn about space and the work of NASA scientists. Visit the website to register.

U.S. Geological Survey


For real-time data about water resources, visit this site.

National Earthquake Information Center


Visit the site for real-time data about earthquakes throughout the

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


NOAA focuses on science, service and stewardship. Students can access real-time data about weather; get information about weather, climate and research; and view satellite images at the site. Students are also welcome to correspond with meteorologists.

Firstgov for Kids


Firstgov for Kids is an easy place for students to start as they get connected with the world of science. This website is a central spot for learning about many subjects and interests.