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Elementary Math

Contributor: Amy Parks, Michigan State University

Tools: Descriptions:
Tool: Adapting mathematics curriculum This tool discusses the use of published curricula to create mathematics lesson plans. It presents questions to help evaluate those plans and to effectively integrate them into an existing unit.
Tool: Analyzing the MEAP for elementary mathematics This tool will help teachers analyze Michigan's statewide tests as a way to inform elementary mathematics teaching.
Tool: Differentiating instruction in elementary mathematics For teachers who find it difficult to differentiate math instruction for students with varying needs, this tool presents a series of suggestions and some probing questions.
Tool: Managing manipulatives This tool presents a chart that can help a mentor and mentee (or two experienced colleagues) work out the best way to anticipate and handle the myriad problems that using manipulatives can bring into the math classroom.
Tool: Teaching for mathematical content This tool will help you plan a problem solving discussion so you can maximize the learning growth that your students will derive from it.


Resources: Descriptions:
Addressing parent concerns about reform mathematics The reform-oriented mathematics required by today’s state curricula can raise many questions in the minds of parents. Teachers can use this resource to anticipate and handle many of these questions.
Assigning meaningful math homework Too often mathematics teachers just routinely assign problems from the textbook as homework. This resource presents a series of questions to help math teachers develop more thoughtful and effective homework assignments.
Improving standardized test scores through planning This resource shows how to break down a high-stakes test by content and then compare the results to your curriculum.
One teacher explores meaningful math homework This true story reveals how one elementary math teacher achieved success by building more exploration and more student choices into her homework assignments.
Planning a mathematical discussion This resource provides suggestions, questions and guidelines to help math teachers engage their students in more meaningful discussions.
Structuring small-group tasks Often teachers know they want to have children "work in groups," but they are uncertain about how to make this time productive. This resource focuses on the management aspects of planning small-group work.
Teachers talking about elementary mathematics Ideally, teachers spend a great deal of time analyzing their lessons together. This resource presents such a discussion and then invites readers to reflect upon the issues that the teachers raise.