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Whole-class writing mini-lessons

Whole class mini-lessons allow a teacher to introduce and develop writing skills and strategies with all students. Consult your district's curriculum for the specific learning objectives you would integrate into these lessons. If you are from Michigan, see also your grade level's English Language Arts Grade Level Content Expectations .

Here is a chart to complete to help you think about how you might use the whole-class mini-lesson time:

Mini-lesson structure

What it might look like

Questions to answer

  • What learning objectives would work well with this approach?
  • What type of text(s) would you choose?
  • Does this structure meet my students’ needs? How?

Write To

Teacher writes a text as the students watch.



Write With

Teacher and students work together to write a text.




Think aloud

Teacher writes a text as the students watch. S/he stops to think aloud about the targeted skill(s) and/or strategies.





Students think and write responses, texts, or sentences on their own. Then they pair up to discuss their answers. Finally the whole class discusses the responses.





Class brainstorms ideas or responses and teacher records on a chart.





Teacher and students work through questions and answers on a skill worksheet.




Add your idea(s) here:




The skills and strategies you work on with the students in your mini-lessons can then be practiced, extended or retaught as you work with children in small groups and/or individually. Students can also share how they are thinking and using the skills and strategies during whole group share time