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Planning genre use

The Michigan English Language Arts Grade Level Content Expectations categorize genre according to narrative or informational text. Then within each category there are specific types of each kind of text to be studied at each grade level. Here are some things for you to think about as you plan reading and writing lessons involving genre:

  • How can you balance use of all genres instead of focusing solely on one type (traditionally, narrative text) all year?
  • When, besides reading and writing time, can you teach about different genres of text? How can you accomplish this during those times?
  • How can you utilize the school librarian and library time to help with the teaching of genre?
  • What genres of books are found in your classroom library? How does this influence your students’ independent reading of a variety of genres?
  • How could you use a genre study to integrate both reading and writing?
  • What texts are you reading aloud to your students? Are you reading a variety of genres?

Key words: reading, writing, literacy, genre