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Where might you start?

If you are a beginning teacher without a mentor, we invite you to look at the short messages in About Partnership, and see if they might describe a basis on which you could negotiate a productive relationship with some experienced teacher in your school.

If you are a beginning teacher or mentor teacher who is wondering whether or how to get into a productive working working relationship with the other, please see About Partnership and talk with the other about its short messages.

If the two of you have decided to proceed and are looking for images of how you might work together, you could see About partnership item"Story-telling." Then, perhaps, "Decide how you will work together."

If you are experienced partners looking for resources to support your work, perhaps you would like to scan About partnership, "Decide how you will work together" and then start exploring the tools.

If you've encountered problems, which is normal in partnerships, we hope you will find useful hints in About Partnership, problem-solving.