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Finding out about students with identified disabilities

Chances are most general education teachers will have the opportunity to teach some students who have identified disabilities. Having a conversation with a special education teacher or supervisor before the year or semester begins can make the experience more productive for everyone. The form below suggests some questions that you may want to get answered as early on as possible.

Information to ask about students with disabilities

Student name:                                                                Likes to be called:


Phone (H):

Phone (C):

Phone (W):

e-mail (m):

e-mail (f):

Home address:

 City and zip:


Does student have an IEP/504 plan? If so, may I have a copy? 


What does the plan require me to do in the classroom?


Will I need to keep track of progress on any of the objectives on the IEP? What do I need to track, how should I track it and to whom do I report progress?


Is any specialized training required?  If so, who will provide it, and when?


What medications does the student take, and what are they for?  Who dispenses the medications while the student is in school? When are they given?


Academic needs?


Social support needs?


Behavior needs?


Communication needs?


Health? Allergies?






Anticipated needs for field trips, etc. (special transportation, allergies, other needs)?


Involvement in after-school activities?




Tutoring, counseling, other out-of-school supports?  May I contact them?