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Suggested application tools for use with at-risk students

Binder Clips Attaching additional information to assignments.
Black Sharpie markers Organizing content on a page. Eliminating information from a page.
Click erasers Supporting students who have difficulty erasing. Does not rip the paper.
Dry erase boards Provides practice opportunities and quick assessment opportunities. Immediate feedback.
Dry lighter erasable highlighters Highlighting text materials--erasable and appropriate for textbooks.
EZ C Reader Strip (Really Good Stuff.com) Highlighting text materials in textbooks--focusing attention on specific text/lines. Reinforces visual tracking.
Small post-its Provide additional information about an assignment. Remove sections of an assignment. Block specific words. Practice strategic reading skills.
Variety of round colored removable stickers Organizing a more complex assignment into a matching assignment. Assist students in understanding which sections of an assignment are connected. Assist in locating specific information.
Page flags Draws attention to certain sections of an assignment. Provides a visual of where to write.
Large tongue depressors Visual guide for paragraph indentation
Regular highlighters Provides visual color and information on worksheets--coding of assignments
Pencil grip assortment Assist students with appropriate pencil grip
3 x 5 index cards (white) Note cards for studying. Organizing complex information into sections
White out/White out pen/dry-liner white-out/label stickers Minimizing information on a page