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How can I learn more about my students' families and involve them in our learning community?

Families are the first-line teachers of your students. They are a main source of student attitudes, values and motivation. If you can involve families in the development of your learning community, then your students will feel much more valued as individuals and committed to the goals that you have put forth for them.

Tools and resources


My child as a learner (elementary)

My student as a learner (secondary)

These tools provide a model survey that can be sent home to give you specific information that can help you best serve their student's individual needs.
What types of families are in our class? This tool can be used to gather information about your students' families. Your students can then use this data to create a project that explores their own diversity.
Parent conference toolkit Parent conferences are perhaps your best opportunities to pull parents into the classroom learning community. This tool will help you prepare for the conferences and to make the most of your opportunities.
Getting to know my students culturally and linguistically This information can help you know which students may need further support in the classroom and at home, as well as help you see connections you can make with students' prior knowledge and experiences.
Connecting school, home and literacy This resource describes the "Mr. Bear Backpack Activity" as a way to promote literacy among your students and their families and to involve them all in your community of learning.
Family involvement survey This survey can be used to poll parents and see how they would be willing and able to become involved with your educational program
Preparing for student-led conferences Student-led conferencing helps all students become more involved in their own learning. This tool will help you consider this effective feedback strategy.