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Getting acquainted professionally 

Time to talk is necessary. Decide where and when you will meet regularly to talk, preferably with refreshments so you’ll look forward to it.

Friendship is not necessary; mutual assurances are. You don't need to be friends to do this; it’s better not to risk a friendship as you try to make a partnership. You do need to assure each other of your good intentions not to harm each other. That way, when the inevitable harm does occur, you can trust that it was not intended and set out to repair it.

Agreement is not necessary; communication is. You don't need to agree about teaching to work together productively. You do need to understand each other's thinking about teaching so that you can communicate effectively. Report to each other what you hope, intend and try to do in teaching. Also, what you fear, worry about and occasionally knock yourself for. The aim here is just to get clear about each other's thinking. Genuine questions will be far more useful than retorts.

Plan T (for trouble) is necessary. You need to discuss, early, what you will do when you encounter a failure or hurt each other. Decide how you will tell each other that a failure has occurred or that hurt has been caused, and how you will set about repairing it.