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Tool: Building relationships among students

A teacher gets students to support the learning work of the class partly by building relationships among them. You can use this chart to track your use of behaviors that support this development of camaraderie:

Balanced use of strategies for forming relationships among students

Day or period






Do I:






Explicitly model and teach civil, courteous behavior and acknowledge such behavior when students engage in it?






Provide opportunities for students to get to know one another?






Hold class meetings to build communication skills, discuss how members should interact and engage them in solving persistent problems?






Establish norms for class activity that permit some social interaction, so long as the work is getting done?






Arrange partner work, group work or times when helping each other is permitted or obligatory?






Speak out against student-to-student harassment among peers and curb it when I see or hear it?






Keep my eyes and ears open for student-to-student gender bias or sexual harassment, and act educative when I notice it?






Keep my eyes and ears open for student-to-student racism or other bigotry and act educative when I notice it?






*Adapted from Weinstein, C.S., & Mignano, A.J. (2003). Elementary/Secondary classroom management: Lessons from research and practice. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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