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Questions about managing a class

How can I gain influence with my students and at the same time get along with them reasonably well? Forming relationships with students
How can I get my students to to be civil to others and to support each other in learning (or at least not distract each other)? Building relationships among students
How can I get my students to take some initiative to learn, to focus on their work, to put energy into it and to persist in the face of difficulty? Motivating students to learn

How can I make class activities run smoothly, use time well and get from one activity to another without breakdowns?

Defining and teaching routines that promote learning
How can I get my students to respect, follow and uphold a basic set of expectations for conduct in the classroom? Establishing and teaching rules for a classroom learning community
How can I stop inattention and misbehavior effectively (and quickly), avoiding hassles that do all sorts of harm? Restrained use of options for responding to inattention and misbehavior
Something happened in my class that I really want to understand and change. How might I go about it? Critical Incident Technique

*This section is adapted from Weinstein, C.S., & Mignano, A.J. (2003). Elementary/Secondary Classroom Management: Lessons from Research and Practice. New York: McGraw-Hill.