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Tools for class management

designed* by Tom Bird and Amy Parks

"You can't teach them until you control them. And you can't control them... [open]

Stories and questions


Stories, for example: "All through October, Mark often felt that his time was slip, sliding away--by the ton..."

Questions, for example, "How can I get my students to take some initiative to learn, to focus on their work, to put energy into it and to persist in the face of difficulty?"

Establishing and teaching rules
Defining and teaching routines
Forming relationships with students
Building relationships among students
Motivating students to learn
Dealing with misbehavior
Critical Incident Technique


Suggestions for mentors and principals. See also Dealing with bullying in the For Principals section.
*This part is based largely on ideas in Elementary Classroom Management and Secondary Classroom Management, by Carol Weinstein and Andrew Mignano. The topics are addressed in many classroom management books.