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Questions and resources



How can I get a real discussion started? Getting started. Cues, norms, motivation, etc.
What kind of discussion am I trying to have, and for what purpose?

Types of discussions. Recitation, teacher-guided and open-ended.

When I ask questions, what am I trying to do? What questions do for students and and the discussion. Tasks for persons, problems for the class, etc.
How can I steer a discussion so that it calls for the kind of thinking I want to promote? Questions set tasks for students. Sample questions for recall, comprehension, analysis, etc.
What could I ask questions about, and with what effect? Object-based and response-based questions have different effects in a discussion.
If I DO get the kids to talk, how do I then keep them talking in a productive fashion? Alternative responses to students. Statements, reflections, reports, invitations.
My students differ; how can I involve them all in discussions? Involving culturally diverse students. Some suggestions.
How can I get students to play their parts in a discussion? Motivation and learning. A big picture of the part that motivation plays in learning.