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Tool: Student skills in a discussion

Substantial discussion requires students to have three kinds of skills—cognitive, metacognitive and social. This form, to be laid beside the lesson sketch, invites you to identify the skills that students show or need in selected parts of the discussion.

Analyze a Sketch: Student skills in a discussion



What cognitive skills are shown or needed?

  • Knowing what "perimeter" means
  • Applying the procedures for making generalizations
  • Evaluating the accuracy of the two versions of the event


What metacognitive skills are shown or needed?

  • Seeing the need to define what is meant by "equality"
  • Recognizing that the discussants are just repeating themselves
  • Understanding that a synthesis of the two viewpoints is the best answer

What social skills are shown or needed?

  • Being able to disagree without offending the persons holding an opposite viewpoint
  • Recognizing when a subject is just too painful to pursue at the moment
  • Asking someone to repeat what the previous speaker said to encourage careful listening



























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