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Tools for classroom discussions

designed by Tom Bird, Cheryl Rosaen, Amy Parks and Karen Lowenstein


Discussions are challenging, both for the teacher and for the students. It might help... [more]

Questions and stories


Questions and resources. Scan questions that you might have and get links to the ideas being used in this section.

Questions and tools. Scan questions ... and get links to tools for analyzing discussions.

A story of a beginning teacher and mentor teacher who work together on leading discussions, using tools offered in this section.



Discussion analysis. A Discussion Sketch for recording discussions, together with several tools for analyzing questions, responses to students, teaching skills needed in discussion and so on.

Discussion samples. Five transcripts of actual discussions, each laid out in the Discussion Sketch, with cues to issues you might examine.

Leading discussions. An inventory.

Recording classroom interactions. A checksheet.

Critical incident method. A method for looking closely at important events in a classroom.

Drive time. Something to do going to and from work.