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For teachers, parents are both potential problems and potential resources...

Parents and community members are great teaching resources. Adults in the home are "first teachers" who influence children's values and their attitudes toward learning. They also influence their children's patterns of problem solving, communicating and getting along with others. Research tells us that family involvement in children’s education improves their achievement in school.

Involving parents and other community members taps rich resources that can help schools tutor students, promote learning in the community, make policy decisions and perform many other valuable functions. 

We can think of family and community involvement as happening at the school and the classroom levels. The types of involvement and issues associated with them are shown in two forms:

A graphic display: Six types of family and community involvement

A chart: Promoting family and community involvement

The tools offered here focus primarily on helping you promote connections at the classroom level and to understand what is going on in your school.

Also see the Home, school and community partnerships repertoire for more information about the importance of partnerships and tools for developing them.