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Volunteer orientations

Sometimes it is more efficient to orient a group of volunteers. It also encourages parents or community members to ask questions when they hear others’ ideas. Sessions can be held after school, evenings or weekends. Below is an agenda for an orientation session for community members who volunteered to work with students in the school computer lab. It can be adapted to your situation and subject matter:

Assisting in the Computer Center

Thank you for volunteering to help in our Computer Center. These are the items that we will discuss at tonight's brief meeting:

Computer Center rules:

  • No food or drink is allowed.
  • Students log in with assigned password and log out when finished (but leave computer on).
  • Quiet talking about assigned tasks is allowed.
  • Use of the Internet is restricted to completing assigned task.
  • Students fill out ‘trouble shooting form’ or hardware/software problems, and leave in box near door

Students are familiar with:

  • Computer Center rules
  • Software: Microsoft Word, Power Point, Inspiration, Excel

Students typically have an assigned task they will be working on, with written directions for its completion.  Examples of assigned tasks:

  • Use demographic data for urban voter participation found at [website] to create an Excel spreadsheet. Then create two different types of graphs that would help your family understand the data.
  • Create a Power Point presentation that will assist you in convincing your classmates to volunteer for a school project.
  • Write a letter to your state representative about a topic that you are concerned about.

How you can help:

  • Help clarify expectations for assigned task
  • Help brainstorm ideas for completing task
  • Help students locate online resources
  • Demonstrate new features of software to students
  • Read and respond to students’ drafts to help them think about strengths and weaknesses
  • Remind students of Computer Center rules
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