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Tool: Recruiting community volunteers

Communities are made up of individuals with many interests and talents. Sometimes those individuals are in a position to spend time in classrooms, provide resources and materials or sponsor informational events that will complement and enhance student learning.  The Know your community’s resources tool was designed to help you gather information about a variety of community resources and brainstorm potential connections to your curriculum:

  • local agencies
  • Federal government agencies
  • bureaus
  • centers
  • chamber of commerce
  • clubs and organizations
  • outdoor education programs
  • community nature areas
  • non-profit agencies
  • retirement communities
  • museums and galleries
  • cultural and historical societies
  • libraries
  • laboratories
  • professional offices
  • industries
  • transportation services

Once you know more about these resources, you may decide to create a community involvement survey to distribute to targeted locations. The sample survey below can be adapted to your grade level, subject matter and school context:

Making connections: Community involvement survey

Dear community members, 

I am a [grade level] teacher at [school] and am interested in promoting community involvement in my classroom. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below. The results of the survey will help me learn more about community resources and organize opportunities for community involvement. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

[your name, address, school phone,  e-mail]

Working with students in the classroom: I would like to…

__help with classroom celebrations

__ read books

__ make books

__help with projects

__tutor or help with make-up work

__ assist with writing

__ share information about my background

__ share information about my work: ______

Other ideas: __________________________________


Assisting teachers in classroom or grade level: I would like to…

__ find library books or other resource materials

__ provide materials for class projects

__ provide food for class events

__ make materials at home or school

__ make books on tape

__ help supervise lunch or recess

__ assist with field trips

Other ideas: __________________________________


Getting together with parents:

__ discussion group

__ support group for parents

__ social events

__ other: ___________

Topics that interest me:

__ [subject matter] in [grade level]

__ parenting

__ student development in [grade level]

__ community resources

Your name: _____________________ 

Organization: ________________________

Best day/time to contact me: ___________________________________________

Phone: ________            E-mail: _________

PDF version for printing .... MSWord version for revising .... RTF version for revising