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Tool: Sample invitation letter

Sometimes family or community members are not aware of a need you have in your classroom or may not realize that one of their interests or talents would really enhance the curriculum. Below is a sample letter that can be adapted to your situation.

Making connections: An invitation


Dear [name],

As you’re aware, students in my U.S. Government class are involved in service learning projects. Thank you for your help in arranging for five students to help with the Hunger Coalition. They are really learning a great deal.

One of my concerns about supporting student learning is to make sure that they understand the contexts in which they are working so I am writing to parents like you who have been involved in setting up service learning opportunities to see if you have time to come to my class to help us learn more about the Hunger Coalition. The students who are working directly with the Coalition would learn more about the organization, and others in the class would benefit from this information as well.

I’d like to talk with you about arranging a visit and to discuss the types of information that I think would be especially helpful for the students at this time. Would you please leave a message at school at [phone number] or e-mail me at [address] to let me know when would be a good day and time to contact you?  I would really appreciate it. Again, thank you for all that you have contributed to our class!

[your name] 

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