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Tool: Family involvement survey*

Engaging families in the classroom or school sometimes takes some detective work! Finding out about family members’ interests, talents and availability will help you match their situation with yours. Below is a survey that you can adapt to your situation.

Making connections: family involvement survey

Dear Families, 

I am excited about the different interests and talents the families of Room 204 have! You are a valuable resource for our classroom and school. Please take a few moments to fill out this survey. The results of the survey will help me learn more about you and organize opportunities for family involvement.

[your name]

Working with students in the classroom

Please check all the activities that you would be willing to do:

__help with classroom celebrations

__ read books

__ make books

__help with projects

__tutor or help with make-up work

__ assist with writing

__ share information about my background

__ share information about my work: which is ________________

Other possibilities: __________________________________


Assisting teachers in my child’s classroom or grade level

__ find library books or other resource materials

__ provide materials for class projects

__ provide food for class events

__ make materials at home or school

__ make books on tape

__ help supervise lunch or recess

__ assist with field trips

Other possibilities:: __________________________________


Getting together with other parents

__ discussion group

__ support group for parents

__ social events

__ other: ___________

Topics that interest me:

__ [subject matter] in [grade level]

__ parenting

__ student development in [grade level]

__ community resources

Your name: _____________________ 

Student’s name: _____________________

Best day/time to contact me: ___________________________________________

Phones: ________            E-mail: _________

PDF version for printing .... MSWord version for revising .... RTF version for revising

*Adapted from a survey developed by Nancy Lange St. Clair, reprinted in Swap, S. M. (1993). Developing home-school partnerships: From concepts to practice ( p. 191). New York: Teachers College Press.