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Strategy #1: To find out about family involvement options…survey families about interests, talents, availability

Story:  Annette and her mentor, Lee, were talking after school about the importance of getting families of her middle school students involved in their children’s education. Annette commented, “You know, this was such a priority for me in September, and here it is, already the end of October and I’ve only had one parent even set foot in my room. In every newsletter I mention something about volunteering, but no one does. I wonder if parents in this community are just too busy these days with work and all their other responsibilities? How could I try to get other community members to volunteer?”

Talk about…

  • What are possible reasons why families are not taking Annette up on her request for volunteers?
  • How can parents with very busy schedules still be involved in the classroom or school?
  • How can community members become involved in classrooms?

The Family involvement survey and Recruiting community volunteers tools may help Annette and Lee identify some important next steps.