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Strategy #1: To find out about family involvement options...extend invitations to community resource people

Story:  Students in Alberto’s U.S. Government class were really interested in their service learning projects and they were making lots of connections with ideas discussed in class. Then one morning during second-hour class, Juan made a comment that really worried Alberto: “Some of the people who show up at the Hunger Coalition for food seem pretty able-bodied to me. I think they just don’t want to work!” Alberto quickly steered the discussion in another direction, knowing that he needed some time to figure out where to go next with this issue. He thought to himself, What would Mrs. Mendez, the parent who arranged for Juan to spend time with the Hunger Coalition, think if she heard Juan’s comment? Alberto’s first priority after school was finding his mentor, Bill, to talk about the situation.

Talk about...

  • What are Alberto’s options for addressing Juan’s comments?
  • How could Mrs. Mendez be a useful resource?

The Invitation letter tool might give Alberto and Bill some ideas about follow-up with parents or bringing in other community volunteers.