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Tool: Know your school resources

Learning about the resources provided by the school can save time and help teachers support families in a variety of ways. This checklist can help you ask your mentor, colleagues and principal about school resources for supporting families. The “notes” column provides room for adding more options and/or contact information for specific resources.

School resource checklist

Types of support*



  • School newsletter or handbook
  • School website or CD
  • Breakfasts, pot luck suppers
  • School celebrations

Volunteering and supporting learning at home

  • School-wide volunteer programs
  • Parent education: supporting learning at home, homework, transition to middle or high school, funding sources for higher education

Providing support for parenting

  • Information on setting home conditions for students’ success in school
  • Information on child/adolescent development
  • Information on community resources for families
  • School nurse
  • School social worker
  • School counselor or psychologist

Decision making

  • Parent organizations
  • School improvement teams
  • District-level advisory councils
  • Networks for parent involvement

Collaboration with the community

  • School-business partnerships
  • Parent resource directory
  • Service learning opportunities
  • School-to-work connections, internships
* These categories were developed by Epstein, J. L. (1995). School/family/community partnerships: Caring for the children we share. Phi Delta Kappan, May, 701-712.
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