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Strategy 2: To inform parents about school and community resources...learn about your setting

Story:  Miranda’s first graders were adjusting to school quite well, with the exception of Alberto. He became frustrated easily and didn’t seem to understand the rules that the class had developed together during the first week of school. He also ignored his classmates when they tried to work with him, so friendships were not developing as they were for the other students in the class. In talking about Alberto with her mentor, Paul, Miranda mused, “At first I thought he had problems with social skills, but now I’m wondering if this might be a problem with his hearing.” As they discussed the situation further, Miranda became convinced that the hearing issue should be investigated, but was puzzled as to what to do next, “Alberto’s parents speak very little English. How do I help them understand the situation, and where can they go to get help?”

Talk about...

  • How can teachers communicate effectively with parents whose first language is not English?
  • What resources could Miranda and Paul explore to provide some support?

The Know your school resources and Know your community resources tools could help them learn about a range of options.