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Strategy #1: To educate parents about connections between parenting and learning...help parents understand child and adolescent development

Story:  Roxanne decided to check her e-mail one more time before heading to her fifth-grade classroom to get the room ready for the day. There was a message from Mrs. Delguadio, Anthony’s mother: “Ms. Allen, I need your help. Last night I tried to help Anthony with his science lab write-up like I always do. You know, he needs help with his spelling and complete sentences.  Instead of sitting down at the kitchen table, he went to his room after dinner, slammed the door and wouldn’t come out.  How can I help my son with his homework if he’s going to act like that?” Roxanne explained to her mentor, Rod, that phone and e-mail messages like that were all too common lately, “What’s happening to my sweet fifth graders? They’re like different people lately!”

Talk about...

  • What are some possible reasons why Anthony stayed in his room?
  • What could Roxanne do to help Mrs. Delguadio support her son’s learning?

The Student development resources toolkit could help Roxanne and Rodd begin their conversation.