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Tool: What types of families are in our class?

Learning about families can become part of your curriculum and help you build a sense of community within your classroom. This activity could be adapted to your grade level and subject matter.

Making connections: What types of families are in our class?

Dear Families, 

An important goal for our class this year is to celebrate the diversity that exists in our community and use it as a resource for our learning.  As one step in that process, we’re going to make a chart that shows all the different types of families in our class.  Your child is going to ask you some questions about your family and we would appreciate learning any information you wish to share with us.  This information will be displayed for the class as a whole, and not linked to any individual child.  Thank you for taking the time to talk with your child about this! 

[Teacher’s Name]


Student’s name: ______________ Family member interviewed: ________________

How many people live together as a family in your household?

Which family members are considered to be “parents”?

What races and cultural backgrounds are represented in your household?

What part of the community do you live in (north, south, east, west)?

Which family members work outside the home? What types of jobs do they have? 

What do you consider to be your most important family traditions?

What are your educational goals for your student?

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