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Strategy #3: To develop curriculum connections...reach out to the community

Story:  Max was impressed with how much he learned about his students’ families when they presented their findings from their Family Culture inquiry projects, and he noticed that sharing about family cultures helped build a sense of cultural awareness and community in his class. At the same time, he felt concerned that because most of his students were of European descent, the project did not expose his students to the broad range of family histories, cultures and languages represented within the community as a whole. In raising this issue with his mentor, Rick, Max explained, “We put all this effort into knowing the families in our class, but I’m not sure where to go from here. How do I use what they learned about themselves to think about the broader community?”

Talk about…

  • What would Max gain by thinking of both “family” and “community” as resources?
  • In tapping “community” as a resource, how can Max still help his students make the types of personal connections they made when they investigated their families?

The Investigating your community’s resources and Planning cultural exchange events tools can help mentors and beginning teachers discuss how to get started in reaching out to the community.

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