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Strategy #3:  To develop curriculum connections...involve students in making connections

Story: Martha was only a few months into her first year of teaching middle school science and often felt like she was struggling to stay on top of all the curriculum requirements. Complicating matters, a recent discussion at a Tuesday faculty meeting about the importance of promoting family and community involvement made her wonder whether she was doing enough in her own classroom.  While she knew this was an important area to develop in her practice, she could only wonder, “Where am I going to get the time and resources to tackle this area on top of all the other things I need to do? How can I possibly take on one more thing?” She made a mental note to bring this issue up with her mentor, Ted, at their meeting that was scheduled for later in the week.

Talk about…

  • Is promoting parent and community involvement “one more thing” for beginning teachers to take on?
  • How could parent involvement become part of her science teaching?
  • What role could students play in that process?

The Student inquiry projects tool could be used to help Martha and Ted think about how to incorporate families as resources in curriculum development and get the added benefit of learning more about families as well.

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