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Strategy #2: To learn about families...survey families

Surveys can be sent home with students or used during “Back to School” nights to get parents involved in two-way communication.  Surveys are:

  • An efficient way for parents to tell you about their home and child
  • A signal to families that you are interested in learning about them
  • A way to learn more about each family’s goals, values and perceptions of their children as learners
  • Easy to tally to help you think about designing curriculum and instruction for this group of students during this school year
  • Easily translated into other languages for non-English speaking families

You can download the following surveys and print them, or revise and adapt them to your own situation. Notice that they are short (no more than two pages) and have just enough space to write to get ideas from parents without communicating that they need to spend a great deal of time filling them out.

Elementary example

Tool: My child as a learner

Middle/high school example

Tool: My student as a learner

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