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Strategy #1: To create routines and procedures...establish homework routines

Story:  Just when Eric thought his third graders were showing real progress in using mental math to identify number patterns, he noticed that a few students were really struggling. He had organized “study groups” during class to provide a way for everyone to get a bit more practice, but wasn’t certain they were as helpful to Carla and Reese as working one-on-one. In talking with his mentor, Ben, Eric wondered, “I’m trying to find a way to provide more individual help for Carla and Reese, but how can I do that without taking teaching time away from the rest of the class? I can’t be in two places at once.”

Talk about...

  • What are other in-class approaches Eric can use besides “study groups” to provide additional help for Carla and Reese?
  • Are there other approaches to finding help for Carla and Reese at home?

The Homework supports learning toolkit could help Eric and Ben discuss ways to help parents become involved in supporting learning at home.