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Strategy #2: To foster ongoing two-way communication…offer parent education workshops

Story:  Ellen was working hard with grade-level colleagues and her mentor to understand the school’s hands-on science curriculum and offer well-organized science tasks. Just as she felt like she was making progress in helping her 3rd graders understand the daily routines for science, she received a voice mail message from a parent expressing concern about her science teaching. Before she called the parent back, she decided to call her mentor: “Hi Mark, have I got an issue for us to explore! Can you believe that even after I held the Science Curriculum Orientation last month, I got a phone call from Jimmy’s dad asking why Jimmy is ‘playing’ in science and ‘not learning important information’? What am I supposed to do now?”

Talk about…

  • What are possible reasons Jimmy’s father is concerned, even after attending Ellen’s Science Curriculum Orientation?
  • What are possible next steps in helping parents understand the curriculum?
  • How should Ellen respond to the phone call?

Parents may need in-depth information to understand approaches to teaching and learning they have not experienced themselves. The Parent education workshop tool can help Ellen and Mark explore how Ellen can get started.