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Strategy #2: To foster ongoing two-way communication…schedule home visits

Story:  Alan felt like he was making headway with getting 14-year-old Laticia to do her math homework on a consistent basis when, suddenly, her attendance dropped. When she was in school, she often dozed at her desk. He talked with her mother by phone, but Mrs. Williams didn’t seem to offer much information about the source of the problem. Alan got the feeling that Mrs. Williams was concerned that her daughter was somehow in trouble, which was not the message he wanted to communicate. After he hung up the phone he mused, “How can I develop a better rapport with Mrs. Williams when I haven’t even met her face to face? What will get her to trust me and open up about Laticia’s situation?” He decided to raise this issue with his mentor, Sonya, and explore his options.

Talk about…

  • Some parents don’t come to school. What are possible reasons?
  • What are alternative ways for teachers to develop a relationship and communicate with them?

The Home visits tool offers an alternative that Alan and Sonya could explore.