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Strategy #2: To foster ongoing two-way communication…exchange e-mail messages

Story:  As Rosie walked into school she quickened her pace to catch up with her mentor, Javier. She was anxious to get his advice on a situation that was getting worse by the day. “Hey, Javier, do you have a minute for some advice? I set up an agreement with Michael’s parents to call them weekly, but all we do is play phone tag. I’m supposed to be giving them weekly reports on Michael’s behavior and letting them know whether he’s keeping up with his work. Michael is having problems in both of those areas, but his parents still don’t know about them. I’ve tried talking with Michael, but he knows that there’s no follow-up at home. What else can I do?”

Talk about…

  • What are possible reasons why Rosie is having trouble reaching Michael’s parents?
  • What are other avenues to communicate?

The Managing e-mail messages tool can help Javier and Rosie explore whether there are other communication options.