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Strategy #1: To provide informative one-way communication...outline the lines of communication available

Story:  For the fourth Monday in a row, Sam, one of Janet's 4th graders, did not bring back his work folder that was sent home the previous Friday. On top of that, Sam was distracting others who did have their work with them. Janet had already talked with Sam about ways to remind himself to bring the folder back, but each week there was a different excuse. When she called his home to enlist his parents' help, she was surprised to hear the confusion in Mrs. Sternberg's voice, "Work folder?  I'm not sure what you mean..." As Janet reported this incident to her mentor, Ray, she commented, "How could she not know about my work folder system? I say something about it in my newsletter every week!"

Talk about...

  • What are possible reasons Sam's mother was not aware of the work folder system?
  • What are different ways Janet could help parents learn about daily and weekly routines?

The Lines of communication tool could help Janet and Ray think this issue through.