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Section II: Two strategies for communicating with families

Strategy #1: Provide informative one-way communication

Strategy #2: Foster ongoing two-way communication

Outline the lines of communication available...

Tool: Lines of communication

Provide written materials
Tool: Handbooks, newsletters, calendars, CDs

Create a classroom website
Tool: Classroom website

...about the classroom and curriculum

Offer classroom curriculum orientations
Tool: Classroom curriculum orientation

Offer parent education workshops
Tool: Parent education workshop

Promote parent classroom observations
Tool: Parent observation guide


...about individual children

Have telephone conferences
Tool: Managing telephone conferences

Exchange e-mail messages
Tool: Managing e-mail messages

Design interactive parent-teacher conferences
Tool: Parent conferences

Promote parent observations of students
Tool: Parent observation form

Schedule home visits
Tool: Home visits

For links to sample parent letters, see Just-in-time resources. Elementary teachers--see also Connecting school, home and literacy.