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Celia is upset about her parents’ divorce

Keith had worked hard to make sure each group was on-task and that the history presentations would be ready for Thursday. As he was circulating the room to check in with each group one last time, he noticed that Celia was sitting off to the side with her head down, so he approached her quietly. “Celia, what’s up?” he asked. Celia looked up at him with tears in her eyes, then lowered her head and replied, “Nothing’s up, and nothing matters. My part of the project isn’t finished. I’ve spent every night for the past three weeks listening to my parents argue and last night they decided to get a divorce.” When he met his mentor, Earl, the following morning, he explained, “Here I was, thinking I’d supported the kids in every way, but I forgot that they have lives outside of school that affect their learning too. How could I have known about this earlier? And even if I had, what could I have done to help Celia contribute to her group project?”

Tools that could help