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Parents are concerned about their students having a first-year teacher

Months of planning and the hard work of teachers, students and parents finally came to fruition! Renee’s 7th graders hosted their invited guests, 9th graders from the high school, at their History of Ancient Egypt Museum. Nothing like this had been tried at this inner-city school and it was a real success. Renee was glad she remembered to take photographs of the displays so she could share them with Elaine, her mentor. While they thumbed through the photos she commented, “Boy, do I wish I had photographs of events like this to show parents in the fall when they were so concerned about whether I was well enough prepared as a first-year teacher to teach their children. I remember feeling so vulnerable and defensive when they also asked how a White teacher would be effective with African American kids.” Elaine replied, “You know, you may have similar comments next year and should think about getting ready for them.”

Tools that could help