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Mr. and Mrs. Lopez have different views of learning

Jody was really pleased with how the fall parent conference went with Mrs. Lopez. They discussed the solid progress Jose was making in reading more complicated books, and Jody was able to answer many of Mrs. Lopez’s questions about her literacy program. Mrs. Lopez was eager to read with Jose each evening as well, but a recent phone call from Mrs. Lopez caught her off guard when Mrs. Lopez reported, “My husband is upset to see Jose’s journal come home with words misspelled. I tried to explain what you told me about invented spelling, but he says I should correct Jose’s mistakes if you are not going to. What should I do?” It occurred to Jody that she had not met Mr. Lopez yet and wanted to consult her mentor, Jane, about how to help Mr. Lopez develop the same kinds of understandings of her literacy program as his wife.

Tools that could help