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Bob is out of ideas for helping Brett succeed

If 17-year-old Brett was going to pass World History this semester, Bob knew that he needed to help Brett with his organization and study skills. So one day after school he helped Brett develop an outline of what needed to be done and a calendar to follow. For a few days the system seemed to really help, but by the end of the week Brett was back to his old ways. He hadn’t read the material so he couldn’t create the outline of main ideas needed for the in-class activity Bob had planned. He got bored during the activity and started to distract others. Bob couldn’t help but express his frustration to his mentor during their after-school meeting: “Charlotte, I just don’t know how to help that kid. He says he wants to pass, and I tried to help him get organized, but I feel like I’m working harder at getting him caught up than he is. I’m out of ideas, and my energy is getting really low on this one.”

Tools that could help