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Tools for engaging communities

designed by Cheryl Rosaen


For teachers, parents and communities are both potential problems and potential resources... (more)

Stories and questions

Key strategies

Tools and resources

This section presents a series of questions that you might be asking, for example, "How can I organize and manage communicating with parents?"

For each question, it offers several stories that might resemble your situation. Each story leads to tools that you might find useful.

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This sections presents five strategies for working with parents and communities, for example, learning about families by surveying them.

For each strategy, goals are suggested and tools are nominated.

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Lists of tools for:
...Knowing families
...Supporting volunteers
...Supporting learning at home
...Providing support for parenting
Critical Incident Technique
Websites and further reading

Ideas for mentoring: Listening for issues, finding suggestions that could make a difference

Also see Learning from and with the community.