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Promoting family and community involvement

Purposes of involvement

Promote school-wide involvement <---

  • Get to know families and promote a range of communication channels
  • Develop scope and sequence for family and community involvement in learning
  • Help parents establish educative home environments
  • Include parents in decision making about school-wide issues
  • Collaborate with the community on behalf of children

---> Promote classroom involvement

  • Know family goals, values, culture and communication styles
  • Promote a range of communication channels between teacher and parents
  • Involve family and community members in students’ learning in school and at home
  • Help parents establish home environments that support students as learners

Six types of involvement*



Learning at home


Decision making

Collaborating with the community

How do educators get to know families and facilitate a range of ways to communicate with them?

How do educators make use of families and community members as resources for the classroom?

How do educators help families become involved in their children’s learning at home?

How do educators help families establish home environments to support children’s learning?

How do educators include parents in school decisions, governance and advocacy?

How do educators use community members as resources for addressing school-wide issues?

*Epstein, J.L. (1995). School/family/community partnerships: Caring for the children we share. Phi Delta Kappan, May, 701-712.