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Stacy wants to learn from her students

Stacy attributes much of the success in her first year of teaching to her mentor, Marlin. Together, they created a local assessment plan that provided Stacy with a wide range of strategies. She developed a repertoire of techniques to determine what her students knew prior to beginning new topics. Stacy learned how to use this information to guide her planning. Marlin also helped Stacy create a rubric prior to her Simple Machines unit that allowed students to understand what she expected and wanted them to learn, in addition to providing Stacy with the means to accurately and fairly evaluate the task. One of the goals that Stacy and Marlin had set at the end of the previous school year was to find ways to make better use of time and information. Stacy felt that her students work independently quite a bit in the classroom, but that she didn’t make good use of that time. Stacy wondered how she could use that time to assess her students’ work. What could she learn from their mistakes, especially with regard to their reading and writing? How could she record and then use the information to plan future lessons?

Tools that might be useful

To talk about

  • What system could Stacy use to record informal information?
  • How could she build this information into her planning process?
  • Are there other teachers in the building who might be a valuable resource for Stacy?