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Tool: Choosing performance tasks

Tell a story

Give a critique

Develop a glossary

Create a puppet

Make or display a chart

Prepare a resume

Design a game

Make a scrapbook

Write a play

Make a mask

Make a timeline

Write a skit

Prepare a display

Debate an issue

Design a vest

Make a drawing

Rename an object

Make a diagram

Write and teach a song

Prepare a display

Make a logo

Make a rebus story

Design a machine

Make a mosaic

Write a telegram

Share a painting

Write a poem

Design an ad

Design a brochure

Draw a cartoon

Make a video

Design or make awards

Write a short story

Produce a Powerpoint

Create a weaving

Make graphs

Make a comparison

Make a time capsule

Write quotes

Create and bring in a collection

Prepare a sales talk


Give a chart talk

Prepare or implement a test


Explain an observation

Choreograph or write a cheer


Develop an outline

Design a business card


Design a word search

Make greeting cards


Make a diorama

Develop a dictionary


Make or play an instrument

State or solve a problem


Design a labyrinth or maze

Write a class or school newsletter


Make a banner

Play or sing a song


Design name tags

Produce a puppet show


Make a wall hanging

Mime a message


Make a trademark

Prepare trivia questions


Write a job description

Produce a dramatization


Give a speech

Write an epitath


Make a sand painting

Design a crossword puzzle


Design a treasure hunt

Conduct a survey


Design stationary

Design a booklet


Design a napkin

Make a video commercial


Tell or write directions

Write a biography


Write a dialogue

Make a chart story


Design a 3D map

Make a poster


Conduct a political campaign

Make a scroll


Role play

Make mobile


Design a pattern

Make a mural


Share a construction

Make a sculpture


Write a new story

Make a 3D object


Write a letter

Write a recipe


Put together a newspaper

Design a bulletin board


Make an audio tape

Give a demonstration


Write a cinquain or diamante

Prepare a script for a panel show


Tape an interview

Find new uses for a different item


Choreograph a dance

Make a papier-mache figure


Design notepaper

Write a descriptive paragraph


Design placemats

Write a sentence or continued story