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Tools for planning instruction

designed by Amy Parks and Cheryl Rosaen


Planning learning tasks for students is a challenging and central part of providing instruction that is responsive to all learners in your classroom.

You have three ways to explore the options offered here:

Scan stories of beginning teachers' dilemmas

Explore strategies for standards-based teaching

Scan tools and resources

Julie gets bogged down in one topic and wonders how she's ever going to cover what she's supposed to for the year.

Ernest wants to branch out into more interesting teaching but wonders how he could pull it off.

Kyra thinks about quitting because, day by day, she's not getting it done with her students.

Section I: Grasp the pattern of the Michigan standards to get the "Big Picture."

Section II: Plan the year to guide your unit planning.

Section III: Unit planning focuses on important ideas and is responsive to all learners.

Section IV: Daily planning supports meaningful learning for all students.

Tools for long-range planning
Seeing the big picture
Exploring content expectations
Identify broad learning goals
Brainstorm planning ideas
Design a year-long plan
Tools for unit planning
Identifying Big Ideas
Exploring content expectations
Planning one content area
Planning across content areas
Knowing students culturally and linguistically
Responding to culture and language
What kinds of "smart" are my students?
Responding to multiple intelligences and learning styles
Examining ways to differentiate
Tools for daily planning
Designing a template
Examining daily plans
Evaluating styles of learning activities
Choosing challenging learning activities


Resources for planning



Ideas for mentoring: Co-planning by beginning teacher and mentor teacher. Conferring about plans.