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Julie gets bogged down

Julie has been teaching subtraction with regrouping for two months now, but half her third-grade class is still failing daily quizzes. When she brings up the problem to her mentor, he says to move on to fractions, the next chapter in their math book. Julie agrees, but she’s a little nervous. There are only two months left in the school year and she still has five chapters to cover.

Questions that beginning and mentor teacher could discuss
Tools for long-range planning
  • When do you know it's time to move on with your class?
  • How could Julie build opportunities for her children to continue learning about subtraction even as she works on other areas of mathematics?
  • How might year-long planning have helped Julie avoid this problem?

Seeing the big picture

Exploring content expectations

Identify broad learning goals

Brainstorm planning ideas

Design a year-long plan