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Tool: Exploring content expectations

  • Do the content strands or content expectations seem to emphasize lower- or higher-level thinking?
  • What kinds of activities will you need to plan in order to support your students' learning in all these areas?
  • What kinds of activities does it make sense to emphasize?

Exploring content expectations

Subject: Unit:
Begin with a content strand or Grade Level Content Expectation and work to the right.

What do students need to remember--recall, recite--to meet this standard?

(Bloom’s recall and comprehend, Stein & company's low mental challenge)

What do students need to do--read, solve, create--to meet this standard?

(Bloom's apply, Stein & company's medium mental challenge)

What do students need to understand--make connections, give reasons--to meet this standard?

(Bloom’s analyze, synthesize, evaluate, Stein & company's high mental challenge)


Here are examples for middle school math and middle school social studies. See Analyzing the MEAP for elementary mathematics for help in learning by studying released sample test items. See Improving test scores for another way to analyze state standards.

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