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Writing daily or weekly lesson plans

Daily written plans can help you teach thoughtfully and well, both because they provide a reminder of what you wanted to do during the lesson and because the act of writing plans allows you to rehearse your teaching.

Although there are a number of commercially-produced lesson plan books available, you may want to design your own planning template to fill out each week on the computer. If you prefer to write plans by hand, you can make photocopies of a template, which frees you from the chore of rewriting things that remain constant from week to week.

Creating your own template allows you to design your plans around your own teaching style and to vary the structure of your plans for different subject areas. For instance, you may have different headings for your literacy lessons than for your science lessons. 

Following are some tools that will help you design a planning approach that works for you:

Design your own template for lesson planning

Websites with lesson plan formats

Websites with sample lesson plans

Questions to ask about daily lesson plans