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Questions to ask during lesson planning

Although everything you think about during planning may not need to be written down, developing habits of mind that guide your thought processes will help you develop more complete plans that are responsive to the students in your class. As you develop your template for planning, you might consider which categories below need to be included on your template and which ones are broad questions that are important to think about but do not need to be written down.

My goals:

  • What will students know or be able to do at the end?
  • What will the final product look like? If there is no product, how will I know the lesson is complete?

Getting ready for my lesson:

  • How will I start?
  • What will I do during the lesson?
  • What do I want the students to do?
  • What do I expect them to say or do in response to the task I set?
  • How much time will I spend on various parts of the lesson?
  • What materials will I need? How will I organize them ahead of time to minimize wasted time during the lesson?
  • What directions will I give?

My classroom management:

  • What rules, routines or procedures will be important during this lesson?
  • Have I provided students with a clear statement of what I expect from them (orally or in writing)?

Providing support to all learners:

  • Have I provided visual cues to remind students of what they are expected to do throughout the lesson?
  • Will students have opportunities to speak, read, listen and write? How can I speak and write less and encourage students to do more?
  • Will students who are learning English receive enough support to complete the activity?
  • Will students with identified disabilities receive enough support to complete the activity?